Our customers

Our story of success

Through hard work and successful implementation of various projects across Cyprus, Greece, U.K., Qatar and Saudi Arabia, our office is capable of dealing successfully with various projects associated with the Construction Industry. The profile of our customers ranges from Public Organizations to Individuals. Additionally, at Koupparis Christos & Associates LLC we welcome the challenge of any type of new projects and we are calling for you to trust us for our services.

Our history of success is based on our core values and also on our strong commitment to excel and succeed. By creating a daily plan to provide efficient and effective production, we manage to create also a resourceful and trusted environment around our Clients.

In more detail, the following list represents the profile of customers or employers for our company

  • Commercial / industrial companies
  • Land development managers
  • Economic organizations
  • Government Departments and Local Municipalities
  • Semi-governmental organizations
  • Public Services and Organizations
  • Petroleum Companies
  • Builders and Construction Contractors
  • Individuals
  • Small businesses