Professional services

Predominantly the Chartered Quantity Surveyor’s role within the Construction Industry is to apply the necessary and effective cost control in construction projects, thus ensuring the use of available resources to the best advantage of a particular client.

The Professional Services provided by our office on building projects are outlined below:


Traditional Quantity Surveying Services

(a) Pre-Contract Services

(i) Preliminary estimates
(ii) Advice on tendering procedures and contractual arrangements
(iii) Preparation of Bills of Quantities and tender documents
(iv) Examination of tenders and reporting
(v) Preparation of Main Contract Documents for signature by the Employer and the successful Contractor

(b) Post-Contract Services

(i) Preparation of cash-flow projections
(ii) Preparation of monthly interim valuations
(iii) Measurement and pricing of variations
(iv) Periodic cost reports indicating current expenditure and assessing anticipated final costs
(v) Preparation of the final account


Project Management

Project Management in the context of the use or development of land is the coordination of all the skills necessary to identify and achieve clients’ or employers’ objectives.

The role of the Project Manager is to coordinate all the functions of the development team and to see that the objectives of the project are clearly defined and achieved. These also include the following:

i) preparation of the development plan
ii) advise on the appointment of consultants (Architect, M&E Engineer, etc)
iii) preparation of the development budget
iv) advise on methods of tender
v) monitor construction progress
vi) periodic cost reports
vii) advise on contractual matters
viii) determine substantial completion
ix) supervise making good defects
x) determine final completion

To carry out his role successfully, the Project Manager should be able to lead and inspire an enthusiastic team spirit amongst all those involved at all stages and be able to give correct weighting to time, cost, return and quality at each stage of the project.


Assessment of construction damages and preparation of reconstruction estimates

Assessment of damages caused through fire, flood or ground subsidence to building and report on re-construction costs for the purposes of insurance companies, banks, etc.


Financial advice

(i) Provision of independent financial advice on construction projects, to banks and other financial institutions.

(ii) Provision of a specialist development monitoring service devised to monitor and protect the interests of banks and other institutions that finance development projects.

(iii) Advise and report on project viability, loan agreements, risk exposure, the suitability of procurement strategies, the verification of payments and the monthly financial status of construction projects.


Claims management

Evaluation, negotiation and settlement of claims. Advise on arbitration procedures and mediation for settlement of claims and disputes.


Specialist Services

(i) Dispute resolution (Arbitration, Mediation)

(ii) Expert witness